Friday, September 23, 2016

3 years already..

apa kaitan 3 tahun yg dah berlalu dalam tajuk blog ni? sebenarnya tak tahu nak letak tajuk apa selain baru perasan the last post was about 3 years , back when i was in my 3rd year in UniMAP, studied engineering. and now i am in UiTM Shah Alam, doing another degree, but this time in Music in Education.

siapa sangka, dari engineering berubah ke muzik dan paling orang persoalkan adalah, why another degree? some of my friends, either dah kerja, sambung masters or even dah beranak 2 dah pun. and me? still sitting here, belajar degree semula. well, like who cares. kan?

ada.. ada yg persoal byk kali. kdg2 nak marah pun ada. tapi apa nak buat, org2 ni mana lalui apa yg kite lalui. maybe if dorg ambil keputusan yg sama dgn saya, then they will know apa perasaan saya bile diperlekeh kan (for some yg jahat tu) utk apa yg saya buat.

FYI, engineering dulu tu was not my choice okay! tak pernah terlintas pun nk jadi engineer.. hurm, btw, i still remember how and why i pursued in UniMAP, it was afternoon when i checked my UPU result, i got metallurgical engineering, in UniMAP which at time i dont even know where is the UniMAP.haha i thought it was in PERAK! but then, after few hours bincang with family, OK, terima, and register. tup tup tup, habis dah 4 years! graduated as a metallugical engineer .. what, i dont remember the correct term.

but within the 4 years studied there, i joined brassband for my extra curriculum. i think that was when i properly play music after few years playing the organ , taught by kak long. then, in my semester break during my first year, i was sent to a guitar lesson. then, from that i began to love playing music, even though not really good in playing those instruments. i also like to try out new instruments,

There was a night (when i was in UniMAP) i asked my sister, what if i become a musician? would daddy let me do musics?  . but i wasnt serious at that time, main2 je, tengok reaksi kaklong mcm mana. sampailah, last year around september, UM have this new orchestra members recruit, i joined them and i really... really... really fall in love .. i like to play in an orchestra. (eventhough again, i am not so good) my brother did asked me, why not take musics then.

so Somewhere in okt, i surf the internet searched for masters program.but i end up looking at the degree program. Dont ask me why. . Oh ya, masters in music needddddd degree first. I cant go with my degree in engineering for masters in music.. well thats how i applied the music program. It was a sudden dicision. I bought the pin number as soon i got the permission to pursued in musics. It was like 3 days before the due date to register ,applying the degree course. .

Thabk you for reading. I will write again next time. Its 3.22pm and its a good time for a nap 😊😊😊


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